New Buildings

When deciding to build a new construction, no matter if she is a small boat or a large ship engaged in international trading, there is no higher risk than co-operating with people who are not experts on the field.

Astro and its highly qualified personnel have gained the experience of preparing and supervising any new construction. Every expert in Astro has its own field allowing in that way the company to provide its services in a very wide range of clientele.

Either if it is the design and supervision of a 10m Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) or the required studies, plans and monitoring of a 120m Oil Barge, Astro has the capacity and expertise to provide the solution.

Why choose us

  • Long time experience;
  • Guaranteed service and on the spot assistance;
  • Excellent relationship with most of the IACS and non-IACS Classification Societies;
  • Excellent relationship with many shipyards around the world.