CE Certification

Every recreational craft between 2.5 and 24 meters which is to be sold in European Union or initially imported in it, shall comply with the relevant E.U. directive and carry on-board the “CE” certification mark.

In addition, any boat more than 2.5 and less than 24 meters which is to be chartered shall hold a CE certificate according to the E.U. and Greek legislation.

Our company, which is the exclusive representative of the Notified Body “European Certification Bureau” for Southern Europe, Africa and Middle East, has a long experience in recreational crafts and yachting in general and is able to certificate any boat around the world according to the requirements of the latest directive in force, 2013/53/EU (previously 94/25/EC as amended by 2003/44/EC). Having as top priority the satisfaction of our clients, our company ensures excellent service in all stages by having simplified its procedures for the CE certification of a boat in order to complete the project in a direct, simple and cost-efficient way.

We are in position to undertake the whole process of the CE certification of any boat, including the possible documents or studies that may be needed during its assessment. The Owner of the craft does not have to be involved in any stage of the certification, resulting in that way to a quicker and simpler certification process. 

Why choose us?

  • We are in business and we know how to make things simple
  • A to Z service and customer friendly approach
  • Competitive pricing policy
  • Support in any inquiry during and after the CE certification.