Affiliated services

Radio services and automation

Our main target in Astro is to always try offering our customers a complete package of services, thus through an affiliated company we may provide any service related to radio equipment and automation.

From a small portable VHF to an X-band radar, either new or used, Astro is there to assist and provide the best solution in a competitive price.

Besides sales, we are also involved in the testing and repair of any radio equipment through our affiliated company which is approved by all major IACS Classification Societies as well from the Hellenic Administration.

Our services include the following:

  • VHF
  • MF/HF
  • SART;
  • X and S band Radars
  • VDR and S-VDR
  • Ship’s automation; and others

Compass deviation cards and gyro servicing

Astro through its affiliated company may provide any service related to compasses, magnetic or gyro. Our personnel provide service and repair to gyrocompasses or repeaters while through our sales department you may purchase any required equipment or part. Compass deviation cards as required by the Administrations may also be issued and delivered to the craft upon inspection of the compass equipment.